Fun science resources

The boring chemistry you learn at school, replete with technical jargon and seemingly endlessly full of things to memorise is NOT all there is to chem!

Over here at “the bright side”,  you will be introduced to a side of chemistry that is witty, interesting and just plain exciting. Cheers!

ray of light 1 : the book  joy of chemistry

This book challenges the perception of chemistry as too difficult to bother with and too clinical to be any fun.

From the fascination of fall foliage and fireworks, to the functioning of smoke detectors and computers, to the fundamentals of digestion (as when good pizza goes bad! i especially like that part!)

The authors illustrate the concepts of chemistry in terms of everyday experience, using familiar materials.

This delightful and richly informative book amply proves that chemistry can appeal to our intuition, logic, and—if we’re willing to get down and dirty—our sense of enjoyment too.


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