Periodic Table

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The link with Elements are that…

Elements can wear 2 different hats!

Welcoming METALS!

and some NON METALS!

Broadly speaking, elements can be classified into metals or non-metals.

Something to note: Elements are divided into metals and non-metals

The big divide can be seen in the periodic table – which lists all the elements in the world!

Periodic Table!

Periodic table showing metals and non metals

Yet reading a periodic table takes some skill because every element has a special number attached to it.

Just like soccer players, atoms of different elements have one special number…

Atoms of different elements have their own special number!

This special number is the:

The number of protons is very very special because each element has its own unique number of protons.

For example, see nitrogen below, atoms of nitrogen have 7 protons. No other atoms have 7 protons, otherwise they will definitely be atoms of nitrogen.

Nitrogen has 7 protons

Important point: each element has its own number of protons

The periodic table from left to right is arranged in accordance to proton numbers.

Notice how Nitrogen with 7 protons in its atoms is arranged beside Oxygen which has 8 protons in its atoms and Carbon, which has 6:

1st row (called period) of periodic table

Take note: periods of periodic table arranged according to proton number

Besides being grouped into metallic or non-metallic elements, some groups of elements have very interesting properties:

A certain group of metals react vigorously or even explosively with cold water!

Watch this very cool video below!!!

Notice that this group of metals stick together down vertically?

Alkali metals all react violently with water

This is no accident!

Find out how the periodic table was born by clicking the picture!



I strongly strongly encourage you to click on the picture and read the document if you have not done so.


On how Mendeleev came up with the periodic table 

Picture on metal vs non-metal comparison:


Why do atoms wanna chemically react?


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