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Elements are the most basic building blocks of nature.

In order words, the water you drink is made of the elements Oxygen and Hydrogen (H2O), the sugar you eat is made up of Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen (think glucose C6H12O6) – burn away sugar (watch this video!) and you get a clump of black carbon left behind. Same thing for plastic bags! (Also made up of C, H and O, watch video of plastic bag being burnt and don’t try it at home!)

Important takeaway: everyday items are actually only made up of a few building blocks.


How did we know that each daily stuff is actually made of the same old guys like C, H or O?

Chemists break things up! Like passing electric current through water (Watch videos online!) and poof! Water disappears and H and O pops up!

Learning outcome: Reason why the definition of elements is simplest substances which cannot be broken down using chemical methods.


Think about the essential items in your pencil case,

( pen,correction paper, highlighter ) rare ones (hole puncher. scissors)

Each one has unique properties, don’t you agree? The same with elements! Each element is different from other elements.

Eg, we can only breathe Oxygen! Our bodies must contain Carbon (all life require the element Carbon!) Look at Gold, Sliver, Iron & Aluminium, these are metallic elements different from one another!

Takeaway: Besides being the simplest form of anything on Earth, elements have really unique properties from one another.



For more explanations, visit this wonderful link!!!



What are atoms?


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