Google analytics works for the chrome app!

Hey great news to report! 

As my earlier post mentions, I think I have found how to install google analytics to track visitors coming to download the application.

As you can see, it works! 🙂


I am still new to stats on google analytics… it is very comprehensive, and it points the way towards creating a website for a company or something by first exploring it with this chemystery blog.

To further elaborate on the steps to achieve this,

You need to have in your chrome app folder these 4 files



Getting the analytics file

Heading to this website:



Click on that purple link of analytics.js

Copy everything in the box, and paste in notepad

Then save as file name     analytics.js



Changing the manifest

You need to add the google analytics code into your manifest.

Navigate to this link:

Then make sure you have this important lines in your manifest



Then zip it up and go update it in your google apps dashboard and you are done!


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