Google analytics for chrome app

Recently, I have seen that there are 657 weekly users of the Chemystery Chrome App!

Whoo what a pleasant surprise!

Having spent many hours trying to add in google analytics to monitor traffic to this blog (meaning trying to track YOUR visits for my entertainment), I gave up because wordpress doesn’t allow it 😦

So tracking is uber fun thing, and the minute I found out that you can use the google analytics to track chrome app, oh man, you bet I will use it.

Spending some hours searching, I found a couple of super good websites you need to use as a newble in adding GA(google analytics) to your chrome app.

This website above gives you the big picture – I still felt very blur after seeing it, but I know it contains all the information I need.

This website above is great! I immediately modifed my manifest.json

But it not enough

This is the best! See the top part? chrome/common/extensions/docs/examples/tutorials/analytics/analytics.js????

you need to create this document and zip it up with icon and manifest.json! I think…

Haha, nothing confirmed yet… 


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