Chemystery web app

Hey this is pretty cool,

I sort of created a chrome web app for this website just to try out what I have learnt from this webpage

Which teaches you to write a app in 5 minutes and it really slightly longer but I am amazed with the results!

Firstly, it is really rudimentary.

As you can see,


There is no website description.

and there are no screenshots besides the only 1 screenshot we have here.

What the app does

The only thing it does, is that when you click on it, you are redirected to the homepage. That’s all.


Super incredibly, there are now 11 users after 4 days of its’ launch!


And the most interesting thing is,


There are already 2400 impressions of the site so far!

Whoa, apparently chrome web app is a great way to get more audience!

I was wondering who on earth will bother downloading chrome apps, but I am wrong LOL!

I have set up this blog for 3 years, and the results are as follows:


Look at the spike in numbers following the launch of the web app,

and how 2400 impressions of the app may drive traffic to the site!


I would think that if you are having fun creating your own website, no harm trying to create a web app,

and if you happen to be a blogshop or some business owner, a chrome web app certainly appears to be able to bring a lot of visitors to your site!

 Some development stuff

To get free public domain images to use for your logos like the following which were done in few minutes,

Image and Image

Visit this resource page!

Next, to get some exciting fonts to use other than our usual microsoft word ones, visit

I used microsoft powerpoint to combine the font with the images from, and then took a screenshot, crop out the icon using paint, and voila its done.

Piece of cake for me, piece of cake for you too ahas.


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