Metals and non-metals

Metals and non-metals are like guys and girls… they both behaves on totally both side of a spectrum!

Metals like to give up their outermost electrons.

Non-metals, on the other hand, like to take in more electrons to fill up their outermost shell!

You might be able to imagine that metals behave one way with other metals, and that non-metals behave in one way with each other but when both of them meet…


the reason is all so that everyone is happy and whether metal or non-metal, all can achieve a stable electronic configuration!

Notes on metallic bonds

When metal particles and other metal particles come together, they form metallic bonds.

In metallic bonding, every metal atoms give up their valence shell electrons.

The beauty of metallic bonding is that the metal atom can happily give up his valence electrons and be happily stable, and the presence of other metal atoms also doing the same thing allows all of them to do so.

and  and these valence electrons become the free electrons that help metals conduct electricity and heat…


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