Explaining Diffusion

Hi! 🙂

Diffusion is really about one thing actually… 

which is… that

particles move about randomly!

ImageTo give you an example… you and your friend walked into a party

Imagenow, if both of you moved randomly, after a while, you will definitely spread out!

Spreading out takes time! But start out with particles next to each other, they will be further apart after a while by random movement, and eventually fully spaced apart!



Here is another example


Now think about the following experiment



you see the brown colour of bromine gas spreading to the top after the air in the two cylinders are allowed to mix!



Do you know why the colour of bromine becomes lighter after it has spreaded out?

The reason is because bromine has become LESS CONCENTRATED! 🙂

Next we will look at another example… 

which is the very striking purple compound called Potassium Permanganate

Put crystals of Potassium Permanganate at the base of a conical flask and add water… you will see


The reason why this has happened is because



Again, take note that the concentration of Potassium Permanganate particles actually decreased as it spreads out into the liquid! 🙂

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