Practical examples of Newton’s 3rd Law

Now Newton’s 3rd law is one of the most un-intuitive stuff out there. It states that every force has an equal and opposite reaction. You push something and it pushes you back with the same force.

Let examine it from the perspective of an aeroplane

You have here an aircraft engine. So air is being sucked into the engine and so it moves from left to right. The movement of the propeller creates a FORCE that is a PULL which sucks air into the propeller.

You can see the opposite force it creates here

Meanwhile, a helicopter works in the same way. the wind is sucked downwards by a pulling downwards force created by the rotation of the helicopter blades. So the helicopter moves up…. and that is why when a helicopter is overhead you can feel super strong gushes of wind sweeping you.

Alright, the most cited example of the law is that of simply being able to walk because you exert a force on the floor in the opposite direction you want to go, and can feel the floor’s reaction force on you. Try it using the image below!

For something totally un-related, try learning the basics of flight using the following links that I found while searching for the pictures of aeroplanes…

easier guide

harder guide

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