real life application of acid base reactions

YEAH! acid and bases may sound like martians or other kind of aliens, but hey look at this, it is inolved in the baking of everyday’s good old bread!

Baking soda is sodium bicarbonate. It will not make cake rise. Baking powder is a mixture of acetic acid and baking soda. When water is added, the acid and bicarbonate combine to make a salt and carbonic acid. The carbonic acid decomposes to water and carbon dioxide gas. The gas causes cakes to rise.


The picture above shows you that carbonic acid is H2CO3, it has 2H, 1C, and 3Os and how it is formed, umm the picture also shows a precipitation reaction btw, because calcium carbonate is insoluble and it will sort of precipitates out of solution by linking up with other calcium carbonate to form clumps.

Anyway, the key idea above for the baking soda reaction is that the real part of an acid that gives it acidic properties, which is the H+ ion is the one THAT REALLY REACTS at all, so the H+ ion reacts with the part of bicarbonate that is gives it basic properties which is actually the HCO3 to form voila! H2CO3

So of course H2CO3 changes into carbon dioxide and water… but why? you can read a really interesting here to find out! It is pretty mind-boggling haha.

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