Good old logarithms! Once upon a time, logarithms were the best companions of scientists and mathematicians!

we will start our journey to discover the magic behind logarithms with something which we feel is ultra difficult to calculate…

imagine trying to calculate x, where x = 4.33 to the power of 5 + 3.21 to the power of 8 + 888^3 +77^2

well logarithms can help because….
1) it helps to bring the power down
2) the base number really simplify things

so applying the trigo rules that we learnt in school, logx = 5log4.33 + 8log3.21 + 3log888 + 2log77

we will need to use logarithm tables here to help us. logarithm tables are really amazing stuff first thought of by this genius called John Napier and it looks something like that below

logarithm table

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