a world of inter-connectedness

Our young hero CH3CH3 has decided to take a holiday and escape out of his miserable job in some school’s chem laboratory!

Suddenly, it finds itself on the busy streets of alkajuku and… LO AND BEHOLD! CH3CH3 finds itself holding on to a shiny CHLOro brand 9G handphone!

“Wahoo!” Exclaims CH3CH3! Immediately wondering what handphones other alkajuku-ians are holding on to, CH3CH3 takes a quick glance around~!

In an instant, he spies an alkajuku-ian happily chatting on a  *sleek looking* !!!metallic blue!!! “Alkason” 9G handphone.

“OH MAN” CH3CH3 laments, as its eye just keeps STARING at the wondrous Alkason handphone. Sensing that the CHLOro 9G phone is vibrating, CH3CH3 immediately whips it out and without lifting its eyes away from the magical Alkason phone; unlocks the CHLOro using the touchscreen. Quickly glancing at the CHLOro phone, and painfully aware that Alkason-phone user is having a good time chatting on its phone, CH3CH3 scolds itself for being so paranoid that its own phone is vibrating when it is not.

Alkason-user quickly finished chatting and tenderly slipped its mesmerizing Alkason into a black leather pouch. “Sheez” thought CH3CH3 as the metallic blue Alkason disappears from its field of vision.

Right at that moment, catching a brilliant flash from the corner of its eyes, CH3CH3 spun around and his gaze is transfixed upon an incredibly flashy Cal Kene 9G phone. “OH DEAR, the newest and hottest phone from Cal Kene, what a steal!” As the Cal Kene phone user receives a call and starts video-chatting, CH3CH3 hears a familiar “BRrrrr BRrrr” sound!

A call from buddy CH3CH2CH3! Oh great! Seeing CH3CH2CH3 usual dismayed-looking face on the CHLOro phone’s 10 inch screen, Ch3CH3 laughs to itself that CH3CH2CH3 must have flunked up something again but still, half of its attention is diverted to the Cal Kene phone, which CH3CH3 is examining if the newest Cal Kene phone’s 9 inch screen is more vibrant than its own 10 inch CHLOro phone.

As the Cal Kene user finishes its video-call and the Cal Kene phone’s brilliant display switched to a dull black screen, CH3CH3’s gaze only lingered a nanosecond longer before another attention-grabbing phone, this time a youthful crystallic peach coloured Amineni 9G phone caught its eye…..

yeah the story actually drags on forever, that is, until CH3CH3 wakes up from its dream and finds itself back the same old test tube as before. All the mysterious alkajuku-ians turn out to be its fellow CH3CH3 molecules!

And the flashy handphones each of them were holding turns out to be… their individual ELECTRON CLOUDS!

just as every                                   alkajuku-ian comes with a      flashy handphone,

every atom/molecule  has  a     positive nucleus and an            electron cloud

Usually at any one time, the alkajuku-ian or the positive nucleus is electro-statically attracted to the negatively-charged electron cloud of another molecule.

And its own electron cloud is attracted by a nearby positive nucleus of a neighbouring molecule.

Notice that every time CH3CH3 observes a new phone, it will check on its own phone?

in other words, when CH3CH3’s positive nucleus is attracted to another fellow’s electron cloud,

Its own electron cloud has been “activated

such that it has a greater tendency to attract other positive nucleus of adjacent molecules!

in actual fact, the cycle repeats itself over and over again. For every induced dipole created, another one arises.

Take note that just as the attention given to any one phone by our hero CH3CH3 is very short, in this type of INTER-MOLECULAR BONDING known as dispersion forces or induced-dipole-induced dipole interactions,  the individual induced dipoles will continuously arise and disappear as a result of electron cloud movements.  (:

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