Asters, Esthers, Ethers……

hmm there are many things that we can all confuse our Esters with!

such as plants or even missiles named after “Aster”

beautiful ladies named “Esther”

or even mysterious stuff thought to fill up the space in OUTER SPACE like “ether”

None of these are our Concerns, unfortunately 😦

Today, our topic is about esters! Well, esters are very important compounds that serves a lot of purposes in our bodies, our favourite foods, and even cosmetics!

Great! Now let us start on how we can IDENTIFY an ester in any random long long boring boring carbon chain!

COO and OCO, thats what you need to look out for.

whether you associate it with the sound made by a crow, or a nickname for your favourite chocolate drink, thats all up to you!

Next, we examine the difference between COO and OCO. After all, both are esters, so why are they not the same?

Yay! now we know who are esters, next we can figure how to we FORM esters.

Yes! we are almost done with esters here.

Just one final thing for you to take note.

* the carbonyl group follows the ORIGINAL acyl chloride or carboxylic acid

* that means the C-O comes from the alcohol reactant

#@# and with PHENOL, you HAVE to use ACYL CHLORIDE, with NaOH catalyst!!!

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