Open source physics resources

You may infringe copyright when copying and pasting others’ resources into your own webpage. Look for those that are open source or under creative commons licence!

All you need to do is to attribute to the content owner and make sure you don’t sell the material.

The following are open source:

For GREAT physics animations:

For a COOL 363 pg physics textbook from a reputable university professor:

To enable Javascript: visit (remember to restart the browser, I had to exit Safari and restart Safari after following the steps)


Optimising your washing machine

This is a total sidetrack from the usual content of my posts… but LOL who cares!

So how to practice responsible clothes ownership?

Actually I was searching for how to gauge costs for using washing machines and found a good rule of thumb here:

Fill up your washing machine, but don’t stuff too much in. A washing machine is full when you can place a clenched fist on top of the washing without compressing the clothes. 

But the source has other good stuff too, please read

I never knew dry cleaning was a bad idea…

Next thing next, there are apparently lots of 24hr laundry shops sprouting out of nowhere… what does that mean? haha


Decision making biases

Some excerpts from a good post on biases! 

Being such a subconscious reaction, it’s hard to avoid this one. Our best bet is to try to separate the current facts we have from anything that happened in the past. For instance, if you buy a movie ticket only to realize the movie is terrible, you could either:

A) stay and watch the movie, to “get your money’s worth” since you’ve already paid for the ticket (sunk-cost fallacy)


B) leave the cinema and use that time to do something you’ll actually enjoy.

The thing to remember is this: You can’t get that investment back. It’s gone. Don’t let it cloud your judgment in whatever decision you’re making in this moment–let it remain in the past.


Google analytics works for the chrome app!

Hey great news to report! 

As my earlier post mentions, I think I have found how to install google analytics to track visitors coming to download the application.

As you can see, it works! 🙂


I am still new to stats on google analytics… it is very comprehensive, and it points the way towards creating a website for a company or something by first exploring it with this chemystery blog.

To further elaborate on the steps to achieve this,

You need to have in your chrome app folder these 4 files



Getting the analytics file

Heading to this website:



Click on that purple link of analytics.js

Copy everything in the box, and paste in notepad

Then save as file name     analytics.js



Changing the manifest

You need to add the google analytics code into your manifest.

Navigate to this link:

Then make sure you have this important lines in your manifest



Then zip it up and go update it in your google apps dashboard and you are done!

Google analytics for chrome app

Recently, I have seen that there are 657 weekly users of the Chemystery Chrome App!

Whoo what a pleasant surprise!

Having spent many hours trying to add in google analytics to monitor traffic to this blog (meaning trying to track YOUR visits for my entertainment), I gave up because wordpress doesn’t allow it 😦

So tracking is uber fun thing, and the minute I found out that you can use the google analytics to track chrome app, oh man, you bet I will use it.

Spending some hours searching, I found a couple of super good websites you need to use as a newble in adding GA(google analytics) to your chrome app.

This website above gives you the big picture – I still felt very blur after seeing it, but I know it contains all the information I need.

This website above is great! I immediately modifed my manifest.json

But it not enough

This is the best! See the top part? chrome/common/extensions/docs/examples/tutorials/analytics/analytics.js????

you need to create this document and zip it up with icon and manifest.json! I think…

Haha, nothing confirmed yet… 

the idea of potential difference

Have you ever encountered a question asking you to find what is V1 and V2?



This kind of question is of course relatively tricky but the core concept is a beauty to understand.

Right off the bat, you will want to know the understanding behind

what the battery is all about

The battery’s job is to drive electrical charges around the circuit


Can you see that the electrons are very happy to travel from one end of the battery to another?

The secret of being a battery is the idea that electrons are attracted from one terminal to another.

Attraction = force

The attractive force on our electron heading to the other terminal causes it to move a distance!

Force x distance moved in direction of force = energy

So the point I am driving at, is that

battery supplies electrons moving around the wire with energy!

Even if you don’t get the front part, you need to know that the battery’s main job is to hand out energy to electrons departing one terminal to the next!


Next the role of the resistor

The resistor is there to suck energy out of electrons running around the wire


In diagrams with 1 resistor,

that one resistor suck out all the energy of the electrons passing though!


In diagrams with 2 resistors,

our electrons cannot possibly lose all their energy after encountering one resistor and got no energy left for the next resistor!

So nature has it in such a while that you add up the resistance of both resistors to get the TOTAL RESISTANCE

the total resistance is what the electron will need to deal with!


Let say our charge needs to run around 2 resistors one with 4ohms and one with 8ohms and our electron is supplied by a 12V battery,

He will use up 12V of energy in total against the total resistance of 12ohms

Against the 4ohm resistor on the other hand, he uses up 4V of energy!

And against the 8ohm one, he uses up the remaining 8Vs!!!


Chemystery web app

Hey this is pretty cool,

I sort of created a chrome web app for this website just to try out what I have learnt from this webpage

Which teaches you to write a app in 5 minutes and it really slightly longer but I am amazed with the results!

Firstly, it is really rudimentary.

As you can see,


There is no website description.

and there are no screenshots besides the only 1 screenshot we have here.

What the app does

The only thing it does, is that when you click on it, you are redirected to the homepage. That’s all.


Super incredibly, there are now 11 users after 4 days of its’ launch!


And the most interesting thing is,


There are already 2400 impressions of the site so far!

Whoa, apparently chrome web app is a great way to get more audience!

I was wondering who on earth will bother downloading chrome apps, but I am wrong LOL!

I have set up this blog for 3 years, and the results are as follows:


Look at the spike in numbers following the launch of the web app,

and how 2400 impressions of the app may drive traffic to the site!


I would think that if you are having fun creating your own website, no harm trying to create a web app,

and if you happen to be a blogshop or some business owner, a chrome web app certainly appears to be able to bring a lot of visitors to your site!

 Some development stuff

To get free public domain images to use for your logos like the following which were done in few minutes,

Image and Image

Visit this resource page!

Next, to get some exciting fonts to use other than our usual microsoft word ones, visit

I used microsoft powerpoint to combine the font with the images from, and then took a screenshot, crop out the icon using paint, and voila its done.

Piece of cake for me, piece of cake for you too ahas.